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Event Information October 1 2023

We are DELIGHTED to say that the Self Reliance Festival is JUST around  the corner and if you are getting this email, we have you on the participant list. Here are some last-minute details for the event. The weather looks like it will be decently warm during the day and not too cold at night.

Event Skinny
October 14-15, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Tent camping is available onsite on a first come, first served basis.

Special Operations Equipment
4631 Highway 70 E
Camden, TN 38320

Agenda is here…
Saturday: We kickoff around 9am Saturday and have sessions through about 5pm. After that, there is great food, campfire hang outs and live music from Slave Two Servant!
Sunday: We kickoff at 9am and have sessions through around 4pm.


Event parking for all workshops before and after SRF, as well as for SRF, is at the Big Daddy’s lot at the entrance to SOE. It is a $5-per-car available on a first-come, first-served basis. If that lot is full, find parking nearby. $5 includes parking for the add-on workshops.

Doors Open When?
For Self-Reliance Festival: Doors open at 8 am on Saturday, October 14th, and 8 am Sunday October 15th. Check in to get your pass at the registration table at the SOE entrance. Once you have your lanyard, you can just wave it at the people at the gate and they will let you pass. Campers may come after 3pm on Friday, Oct 13.

For the Zero to Hero Ham Radio WorkshopDoors open at 8:30 am on Thursday, October 12th. Check in with Nicole Sauce. Campers may come after 3pm on Wednesday, Oct 11.

For Niti Bali’s Dissolving Illusions event: Doors open at 8 am Saturday, October 14th. Workshop is at 1:30 pm. Please check in with Niti in the Garage. You must also have a Self Reliance Festival Pass to attend this workshop.

For Homestead Advanced Wound Care: Doors open at 8 am Sunday, October 15th. Workshop is at 9:30 am. Please check in with Chuck in the Garage. You must also have a Self Reliance Festival Pass to attend this workshop.

For Chicken Processing: doors open at 7:30 am on Monday, October 16th. Workshop starts at 8 am. Please check in with Nicole at The Circus Tent. Campers may arrive after 4pm on Sunday, Oct 15 unless you have an SRF Pass.

Please talk directly with Andrew for specifics on the Patrolling the Homestead Workshop that is after SRF.

Check-in process: We will have your tickets and lanyard at the check in area at the SOE Entrance starting Saturday morning at 8 am. Once you have your pass you can come and go as you please.

Chairs: We do have some chairs on site, but if you can BYOC (bring your own chair), this really helps us out.

Schwag bags: No Schwag Bags this time! We have created a Schwag Treasure Hunt instead. Check in at the Information Booth for a map.

Camping Schedule

For Self Reliance Festival: You may camp Friday night, but arrive by 7 pm or you might not get in. We lock the gate at night.

For the Ham Radio Workshop: You may camp onsite Wednesday and Thursday night, but you must be on the compound by 6 pm. Once the factory is locked, it is locked. If you are not attending SRF after the Ham Radio workshop, please have your tent packed up before class on Friday.

For the Chicken Processing Workshop: You may camp onsite Sunday night after 4pm. Please be prepared to leave after class on Monday.

Camping Facilities: This is rustic camping – as in you get access to a relatively flat area with trees for tent and hammock camping. Please, no campfires outside the dedicated campfire area, which is monitored by a “fire marshal” who will put it out before he goes to bed.

Sites are not assigned. Just come and set up in the camping area. No cars will be permitted in the campsite area.

Anarchy Presentations MUST happen OFF the gravel area and in a way that does not interfere with scheduled programming. (These are things you decide, last-minute, to teach each other and we LOVE them!)

Ham Radio Food: You get a voucher for lunch from Big Daddy’s with your class. Menu: Meat (beef or chicken), 2 sides, bread (options), bottle of water.

Chicken Processing Food: You get a voucher for lunch from Big Daddy’s with your class. Do bring an apron and/or change of clothing, as this is a hands-on workshop and you may get messy. Menu: Meat (beef or chicken), 2 sides, bread (options), bottle of water

Onsite Food
We currently have TWO vendors who will sell food onsite: Grumpy Acres Farm and Taproot Catering. Breakfast sandwiches, eggs, pulled pork, deli sandwiches, lunch salads (like chicken or ham salad, and more) will be available. Taproot will be providing a Saturday dinner for sale.

The gas station, Big Daddy’s, at the entrance also sells hot food. There may be an additional food vendor or two attracted this week. Other than that you can buy food at area stores and restaurants. See the website FAQs for a partial list of food and supply sources..

Use the port-a-johns only. No entry to the SOE bathrooms as they are on a septic system.

Digital Passes
As an attendee you are entitled to a 50% discount on the digital pass which will give you access to all recorded sessions approximately one month after the event.

To take advantage of this, get the code from Nicole to buy your digital pass here:

That same code will work on the March 2023 digital recordings through the month of October!

In looking over the attendee list, we are delighted to see so many of you coming back this fall, and we are excited to meet all the new faces who are coming for the first time. If you are a seasoned festival attendee, could you please do me a favor? Find someone you have not met and make them feel welcome.

October 2023 Digital Pass Schedule

Draft Schedule: Starts Saturday at 9:00 am
Nicole Sauce and Joh Willis: Kickoff
Nicole Sauce: Underground Networking
Round Robin: Learn all about the onsite demos (Various presenters)
Joel Ryals: Building Your Niche Business
Dawn Gorham: Keep a Family Milk Cow Without Losing Your Mind
WROL Challenge
Jack Spirko: Navigating a World With Artificial Intelligence
Tag and Nicole Sauce: Connection Session
John Pugliano: How to Become a Millionaire the Slow Hard Way
John Willis: No One Is Coming To Save You
Amanda Willis, Dawn Gorham, Angela Allard, Louise MIlleman; Tough Ladies In Homesteading
(Stream ends around 5pm)

Sunday: 9am – Nicole Sauce, John Willis Kickoff
Toolman Tim Cook: Destroying the Poverty Mindset
Tag: Community, Freedom and Resilience
Evan Dixon: How to Build a Cancel Proof Website
Joel Salatin: Building Immunity to the World System
ROUNDTABLE: Joel Salatin, Jack Spirko, Toolman Tim Cook, John Willis
Brian Aleksivich: Journey into the Unknown: Life Lessons from a Year as a Nomad
Nicole Sauce, John Willis: Closing

(Stream ends around 4pm)

Unleashing Success: Joel Ryals at Self Reliance Festival October 14-15

Discover the Power of Niche Business Building

– and there are and canine protection demonstrations

Have you marked your calendars for the upcoming Self Reliance Festival? Get ready to be inspired by Joel Ryals from Fortress K9, who will share his invaluable insights on how to build your niche business and achieve resounding success.

Joel Ryals built Fortress K9 and K9 Academy from humble beginnings. He carved this path by capitalizing on his passion for protection canines. His journey is nothing short of extraordinary, and it will undoubtedly leave you feeling motivated and ready to conquer your own entrepreneurial dreams.

Joel’s talk will guide you through the process of identifying your unique strengths, honing in on a specific target market, and leveraging your passion to create a thriving enterprise.

But that’s not all. He will also treat the audience to protection dog demonstrations. You will see first-hand the bond a good dog handler builds with “his” animals – even when he’s training them for their forever homes. Witness the harmonious bond between dream and reality: what is possible when you find your passion and work hard.

If you’ve ever dreamed of breaking free from the traditional mold, embracing your passion, and carving out your own entrepreneurial path, Joel Ryals’ presentation at Self Reliance Festival is one presentation you won’t want to miss.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur seeking guidance, a prepper, or are simply intrigued by the captivating world of protection canines, the Self Reliance Festival promises to be an unforgettable experience. Mark your calendar, secure your tickets, and get ready to immerse yourself in a weekend filled with inspiration, knowledge, and community.

Head over to the Self Reliance Festival website, grab your tickets while still available at the EARLY BIRD discount rate.

The countdown to October 14-15, 2023 has begun, and the stage is set for you to find your tribe and master new skills!

Sure hope to see you there!

That’s October 14-15 in Camden, Tennessee, at the Special Operations Equipment campus, 4631 U.S. 70, Camden, TN 38320, with all these additional opportunities:

October 12-13
Zero to Hero with Ham Radio: a two-day add-on workshop

October 14-15
Self Reliance Festival

October 15
Homestead Medicine with Chuck Peoples, a four-hour intensive add-on workshop

October 16
Poultry Processing with Joel Salatin, an all-day add-on hands-on workshop

Check out


Camden, TN – February 7, 2023, This March, The Fifth Self Reliance Festival (SRF) welcomes great speakers and demonstrators to help concerned people learn how to build resilience into their life through homesteading, reasoned prepping, and financial literacy. 

Unlike many other preparedness expos and festivals, SRF focuses on building personal stability through business ownership, transforming your home into a productive homestead (no matter where one lives), and tangible steps people can take to master new skills.

Organizers Nicole Sauce of Living Free in Tennessee and John Willis of Special Operations Equipment are delighted with the many lives that the Self Reliance Festival has changed through personal connections, new skill development, and basic business start-up concepts.

“People come from all over the country and world to rural Camden, Tennessee and find themselves standing next to someone who only lives a few miles away who has the same interests. We have seen people meet and get married, start businesses and even launch local events after meeting at The Self Reliance Festival,” says Willis.

Nicole adds, “This is not your Daddy’s Preparedness Festival. This is about community. The magic happens when we get together and become a network of doers—we stop talking about the what ifs and start working to hold one another accountable. No one wants to come to the next Self Reliance Festival and not have something new to share. It would be embarrassing.”

With over 500 attendees, there are plenty of things to see and do at the festival, including several Off Grid learning opportunities run by Tag from Life Done Free, Shawn Mills from, Paul Wheaton from, and Evan Dixon of Radio Made Easy.

For those concerned about security, Joel Ryals of FortressK9, Dana McClendon of Tactical Response, and Mike Shelby of Forward Observer have you covered with presentations on developing situational awareness, defending against the three most likely attacks, and easy things to do to increase the security in your home.

All the presentations, vendors, and event activities are listed at Tickets are normally $100 per person, and early bird pricing of $75 expires on February 22, 2023.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Nicole Sauce at


The Self Reliance Festival is dedicated to empowering individuals to live a more stable and self-reliant life. We believe that by cultivating relationships, developing homesteading abilities, improving financial literacy, enhancing situational awareness, and acquiring practical tactical skills, individuals can achieve greater stability and independence. Our goal is to provide a platform for individuals to access the knowledge and resources needed to achieve their personal goals. 

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