A Journey to Self Reliance through AMSOIL – Self Reliance Festival

A Journey to Self Reliance through AMSOIL

by Michael Sparks
Self reliance involves taking care of yourself and being prepared. One area that many people in the self reliance community don’t think about is vehicle and equipment maintenance. I’m Michael Sparks and I’m an Independent AMSOIL dealer. Since 1972 AMSOIL Inc has developed and marketed synthetic lubricants and other related products for cars, trucks, boats motorcycles, ATV’s, heavy equipment and just about anything that needs lubricating. AMSOIL products are sold and marketed through a network of independent dealers across the United States and Canada. Understanding the need to take the best care of equipment is vital for longevity, efficiency and performance of any engine or moving part. From engine oils to transmission fluid to gearbox lubricants as well as greases, industrial lubricants and filtration products, AMSOIL formulates the best. Performance and longevity is validated through extensive testing and field trials.
We got started with AMSOIL back in 1999 while looking for the best oil for my new F150 pickup truck. I already knew that synthetic oil was better than conventional, but no other manufacturer would recommend how long you could go on an oil change until I discovered AMSOIL. AMSOIL’s top performance product called Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil has a recommendation of 25,000 miles or 1 year service interval. Many customers that are not familiar with AMSOIL do not believe it, but it is true. AMSOIL products outperform the competition by a wide margin, and we can feel rest assured that the products perform better than advertised.
Equipment maintenance is vital for everyone, but especially for anyone concerned with self preparedness. Many people that come to the Self Reliance Festival travel from all parts of the country. Taking the best care of your vehicle will help ensure you arrive and get home safely. A lot of people in our community also have other equipment like generators, farm equipment and other mechanical devices like ATV’s and UTV’s. Hard working machines need protection to ensure long equipment life. AMSOIL provides that extra margin of protection.
Another area that many people neglect is the fuel systems on their vehicles and equipment. With the concern of better fuel economy as well as a cleaner environment gasoline and diesel fuel has many protective additives removed. Diesel especially has had the sulfur removed for emissions reasons. Sulfur acted as lubricant for injection systems. AMSOIL produces a wide variety of gasoline and diesel additives to provide fuel system cleaning, higher performance, as well as stabilizers for long term fuel storage. Secondly the AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Cleaner has lubrication properties added to help maintain injectors and fuel pumps. We think of fuel additives as cheap insurance against wear, carbon build up and better fuel economy.
Saving money with AMSOIL. AMSOIL users understand the importance of equipment maintenance as well as efficiency. We help customers save money in the long run by reducing down time, extending oil change intervals and reducing equipment wear and the need to replace costly worn components.
Secondly, having multiple income streams is an important aspect of being self reliant. The AMSOIL Business opportunity has afforded us a fantastic income over the years by being able to help individuals and businesses understand the need for synthetic lubrication. AMSOIL offers a unique opportunity where dealers can work directly with business owners either for those that want to retail products or commercial equipment operators who want to use the products. The Commercial and Retailer marketplace is what initially attracted us to the business. Since then, we have gone on to work with a wide variety of customers across the US and Canada. AMSOIL’s unique business model allows us to ship products factory direct to your door with us as a servicing dealer to help with product recommendations, cost savings analysis or any customer service issues that may arise.
We’ve been at the Self Reliance Festival since the beginning. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone.
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