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What are you doing to get ready for today’s storm?

What are you doing to get ready for today’s storm? We see it in my county every time. The schools send kids home early, or cancel for the day. People come out of th woodwork complaining about this. But should they? If you have created a good plan for being ready for life’s most likely […]

Feeding Pets From Your Kitchen

Tracy Farley, CPCN, owner, IAS – Integrative Animal Solution Our animal companions are natural hunters and carnivores – just look at their ancestry. The dog in your home has evolved from the wolf, and his digestive system is virtually the same despite thousands of years of domestication. They have very short intestinal tracts geared to […]

Can We Really go “Ghost” w/ Our Devices?

By Sean Patrick Tario Every now and again someone will reach out to our team attempting to discredit our “Ghost” products and services. The claims are always related to one, some, or all of the following:…but you use Google Pixel phones! GOOGLE made the phones! …but it’s impossible to not be tracked by the mobile […]

Breaking Free: Empowering Your Off-Grid Dreams with Owner-Financed Land from LandStruck, Inc.

By Glenn Mize Greetings to all our future off-grid enthusiasts! We are eagerly anticipating meeting you in person at the upcoming Spring Self-Reliance Festival. Before we connect face-to-face, allow us to introduce ourselves and invite you to explore our website. Feel free to approach us with any questions; we’re here to assist you on your journey. […]

March Has Begun…Now What?

By Kiri Torgler The ground is still frozen but our temps are climbing up every day. Our grow room is cleaned and prepped for seed starting to being in a couple of weeks. Our spirits are ready to get back outside and get our hands dirty. Its time to turn beds, add more nutrition to […]

Solar Power Simplified: A Bright Idea for Festival Goers

by Shawn Mills As we prepare for the Self Reliance Festival, where sustainability and self-sufficiency take center stage, let’s take a quick dive into the world of solar power. This clean, abundant energy source is not just about modern technology; it has a rich history that aligns perfectly with our festival’s ethos. A Brief Journey […]

A Journey to Self Reliance through AMSOIL

by Michael Sparks Self reliance involves taking care of yourself and being prepared. One area that many people in the self reliance community don’t think about is vehicle and equipment maintenance. I’m Michael Sparks and I’m an Independent AMSOIL dealer. Since 1972 AMSOIL Inc has developed and marketed synthetic lubricants and other related products for […]

From Weeds to Wisdom

By Leslie Gossett I find it so ironic that people spend so much money, time, and energy on maintaining a lawn of monoculture non-native grass. They physically rip up and/or poison the abundance of other plants naturally growing in these spaces. How have we gotten here? What most people call weeds are free food and […]

SRF Digital Pass Bingo Cards

Got a digital pass and want to have some fun during the speaking sessions? Introducing SRF BINGO! DOWNLOAD  SRF BINGO HERE Pick one, two, or three cards, fill in the blanks with your own ideas, and watch away. Be sure to let the rest of the peanut gallery in the chat know when you’re getting […]

Event Information October 1 2023

We are DELIGHTED to say that the Self Reliance Festival is JUST around  the corner and if you are getting this email, we have you on the participant list. Here are some last-minute details for the event. The weather looks like it will be decently warm during the day and not too cold at night. […]

Self Reliance Festival is located at the Special Operations Equipment campus in Camden, TN

4631 U.S. 70, Camden, TN 38320

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