March Has Begun…Now What? – Self Reliance Festival

March Has Begun…Now What?

By Kiri Torgler

The ground is still frozen but our temps are climbing up every day. Our grow room is cleaned and prepped for seed starting to being in a couple of weeks. Our spirits are ready to get back outside and get our hands dirty. Its time to turn beds, add more nutrition to our soils and start planning for 2024.

This year I am going to really focus on growing what we use both personally and for ThunderHill Farm products. We have a new greenhouse next to our orchard that I will be putting a lot of peppers and tomatoes in to extend their growing season this year. We have already planted a ton of garlic last year and will soon be planting onion sets, shallots and leeks throughout our raised beds and orchard. Soon we will see how our new berry bushes made it through the mild winter and what other perennials we want to add this year.

In April our new birds will start arriving – 20 barred rock chickens, 15 French guineas and 8 broad breasted white turkeys to add to our flock. We will also start work on our new bird habitats connected to our orchard so we can better protect and contain our flock. We may even breed our rabbits this year to add more manure to our growing projects.

So much to do and still a bit too early to start it all. We hope you stay connected with us to see how this all unfolds this year at ThunderHill Farm.

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