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Self Reliance Voices:
Learn From Legends


A change in perception is often all it takes to move from acting in fear to making solid decisions to build something better. Join us for a week of solutions from Self Reliance Festival Legends! These four nightly webinars are designed to:

  • Equip you with tangible ways to build a durable life no matter what is happening in the world around you
  • Share secrets to build a true, lasting community you can count on
  • Become less reliant on the grocery store by growing food in ways that are easier than conventional methods
  • Learn from the past to better understand the changes in our economy and society
  • Encourage you to opt out of the rat race and blossom into what you were meant to be
  • Sessions by: Jack Spirko, Billy Bond, Alan Booker, and Bear Independent
  • With Special Guests: Toolman Tim Cook, Shawn Mills, Nicole Sauce


It doesn’t matter if you are drawn to homesteading and self reliance because the world has been tense these past few years or if you simply realize that there is a better way to do this: A way that involves stronger relationships with your family and community, a closer connection with the earth and your food, and durability through learning and skill building.

Jack Spirko, the host of The Survival Podcast, helps people live better lives whether times are tough or not. In his session, “Build Your Empire While Theirs Crumbles,” he talks about making your life stable by using both modern technology and survival skills. Spirko believes in being prepared for when things go wrong, learning skills like farming and hunting, building wealth, and building strong communities. This way, people can handle ups and downs in society while improving their everyday lives.​ 

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Self Reliance Voices: Learning from Legends


No one is coming to save you. The lone wolf will not survive. Skills matter more than storage.

Four Day Schedule (All Sessions Are Central Time)

Friday, July 26, 7pm: A Chicken Tractor On Steroids With Billy Bond

Saturday, July 27, 7pm: Build Your Empire While Theirs Crumbles With Jack Spirko

Sunday, July 28, 7pm: Developing Community With Bear Independent

Monday, July 29, 7pm: How Resilient Is Your Kitchen With Alan Booker

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from past sessions in the Self Reliance Festival vault. The next festival is just around the corner, and this is the perfect way to get ready to rock n roll in Camden, Tennessee!

Join us today and get your chance for special giveaways including a Patch of the Month Club from Toolman Tim Cook, Holler Roast Coffee from Nicole Sauce, Special Discounts, Free Tickets, and more!

Self Reliance Voices:
Learn From Legends

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