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  1. Timothy Appleseed
    Timothy Appleseed says:

    Things I’d like to learn.

    1. Process and procedures of court including motions and pleadings.
    2. Business admin including billing.
    3. Security/survival

    “Safety 3rd”. Freedom 1st, purpose and belonging 2nd, Safety 3rd.

    Freedom, responsibility and liability all 3 go hand in hand in hand. You can’t have one without having all three.

    Things I can treach:

    Law, emotional intelligence and career direction.

    All law rests on natural law. With natural law we create equity, with which we can contract. After that it’s all about terms and conditions.

    Emotional intelligence is a journey from attachment to contentment. The door between heaven and hell is marked contempt on one side and contentment on the other and hinges on swallowing our pride.


    “Developing our skills around our natural talents and interests and applying them to our values creates the seed of purpose and purpose is the fruit of life.
    But the path to the tree of life is obscured by the masks we wear seeking validation and or approval from others.” ~Timothy Appleseed

    Purpose is the fruit of life and community is the soil that we plant our purpose in. In the Garden we get to work. Outside the Garden we must. #GetToNotGotTo


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