October 2023 Digital Pass Schedule – Self Reliance Festival

October 2023 Digital Pass Schedule

Draft Schedule: Starts Saturday at 9:00 am
Nicole Sauce and Joh Willis: Kickoff
Nicole Sauce: Underground Networking
Round Robin: Learn all about the onsite demos (Various presenters)
Joel Ryals: Building Your Niche Business
Dawn Gorham: Keep a Family Milk Cow Without Losing Your Mind
WROL Challenge
Jack Spirko: Navigating a World With Artificial Intelligence
Tag and Nicole Sauce: Connection Session
John Pugliano: How to Become a Millionaire the Slow Hard Way
John Willis: No One Is Coming To Save You
Amanda Willis, Dawn Gorham, Angela Allard, Louise MIlleman; Tough Ladies In Homesteading
(Stream ends around 5pm)

Sunday: 9am – Nicole Sauce, John Willis Kickoff
Toolman Tim Cook: Destroying the Poverty Mindset
Tag: Community, Freedom and Resilience
Evan Dixon: How to Build a Cancel Proof Website
Joel Salatin: Building Immunity to the World System
ROUNDTABLE: Joel Salatin, Jack Spirko, Toolman Tim Cook, John Willis
Brian Aleksivich: Journey into the Unknown: Life Lessons from a Year as a Nomad
Nicole Sauce, John Willis: Closing

(Stream ends around 4pm)

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